Arapahoe County's Recovery Court


On Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, the 18th Judicial District adopted a drug court program that served the citizens of Arapahoe and Douglas counties. The program was named, “Recovery Court.”

Here is what Arapahoe County Magistrate Bonnie McLean had to say about the program, “As a group, we are keenly aware of the enormous toll, both financial and otherwise, that substance abuse takes on the criminal justice system.” She went on to say, “Addressing and conquering addiction not only benefits the individual addict, but society as a whole.”

In the press release about Recovery Court, McLean pointed out the benefits of treating substance abuser in the community as opposed to incarcerating them, stating that treatment helped people contribute to society, while alleviating the burden on taxpayers.

The mission of Recovery Court:

  • Reduce recidivism
  • Save taxpayer dollars
  • Promote public safety
  • Ensure accountability
  • Support recovery
  • Improve participants’ quality of life

More About Drug Court

Recovery Court is considered one of the “specialty courts” in Arapahoe County. Recovery court is an “evidence based treatment court for people who have been convicted of a crime but who are also addicted to drugs or alcohol,” according to the District Attorney’s Office. The defendants who are accepted into the program have to take responsibility for their criminal behaviors, and they cannot be successful unless they commit to their treatment and recovery.

When a participant is accepted into Recovery Court, they are overseen by a team, which includes the defense attorney, the prosecutor, a probation officer, the judge, a program coordinator, and the treatment providers.

Basic conditions of Recovery Court:

  • Report to court as directed
  • Do not violate any laws
  • Submit to random urinalysis testing

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