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Protecting You From Drug Sales Charges in Arapahoe County

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While possessing illicit drugs, otherwise known as “controlled dangerous substances” (CDS) in Colorado, is punishable by severe penalties, selling these substances without authorization is heavily prosecuted. The same can be said for possessing CDS while having the intention to sell them. These CDS can include more common compounds, such as cocaine and marijuana, but also more rare and dangerous drugs.

When you are accused of selling CDS, skilled representation from a Arapahoe County criminal defense attorney who is experienced in drug crimes is vital to preserving your name and your freedoms. Attorney Joseph A. Lazzara has protected the rights of individuals from the harsh penalties of the justice system for over 25 years. I have gained a wide range of experiences through the various posts I have held throughout my career, which gives me an inside edge in my understanding how the justice system works and how to protect my clients.

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Penalties for Sales of a CDS

When you are charged with selling or possession with intent to sell a CDS, the nature of the penalties you will be facing will vary between misdemeanor and felony charges, based on the type of substance you are found to be in possession of, the amount, and the location of the sale, amongst several other factors.

All controlled dangerous substances are classified into the following “schedules” by Colorado law:

  • Schedule I: The most dangerous drugs, including heroine and synthetic opiates
  • Schedule II: High abuse potential drugs, including opium and derivatives of opium
  • Schedule III: Moderate abuse potential drugs that have some medical benefits, including anabolic steroids
  • Schedule IV: Low abuse potential drugs that have accepted medical use, including lorazepam
  • Schedule V: The least dangerous drugs, which have medical use and very low dependence risk

With so much on the line, it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney who can fight aggressively on your behalf both in and out of the courtroom. Trust your case to my firm and let my team show you the difference in our counsel and representation services.

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