Criminal Offenses & License Suspension in Colorado


If you’re like most Colorado drivers, you’re well-aware of the fact that your driver’s license can be suspended for drunk driving or getting too many speeding tickets. What you may not realize is that’s only the beginning – there are many other circumstances where a person’s driver’s license can be suspended or revoked in Colorado. As a criminal defense attorney, my clients are faced with license suspensions all the time.

Some, but not all of the reasons a Colorado license can be suspended or revoked:

  1. Too many points against license,
  2. Past-due child support,
  3. Alcohol convictions,
  4. Drug convictions,
  5. Vehicular assault,
  6. Vehicular homicide,
  7. Driving under the influence of alcohol,
  8. Driving under the influence of drugs,
  9. Felony or non-felony drug convictions,
  10. Underage purchase or possession of alcohol,
  11. Refusing to take a chemical test,
  12. No liability insurance,
  13. Cancelling SR22 coverage before end of requirement,
  14. Used a motor vehicle to commit a felony offense,
  15. Convicted of defacing property,
  16. Failure to stop and render aid (at an accident scene), and
  17. Conviction for auto theft, trespassing, or criminal mischief which caused damaged to another’s motor vehicle.

As you can see, Colorado drivers can have their license suspended or revoked for a number of alcohol, drug, automobile and property-related crimes. DUI is only one of them. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR), “You are eligible to reinstate [your driver’s license] if you have served all the time that was required under restraint on all of your restraint actions.”

CDOR goes on to say that the department reinstates a driving privilege after the individual has met all of their reinstatement requirements. Also, in order for a license to be reinstated, the person cannot have their driver’s license under restraint for any other action, such as a new criminal offense.

Is Your License at Risk?

Are you facing DUI or drug charges? Or, are you accused of auto theft or a property crime? If you are facing any of these criminal charges, not only is your future at stake, but your driver’s license can be suspended if you’re convicted. To discuss your case with a Denver criminal defense lawyer for free, contact my firm at (720) 809-8262 today.