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Blog Posts in May, 2016

  • Can Police Search My House Without a Warrant?

    A search warrant is a legal document that is signed by a judge that allows police officers to search a location and take hold of materials that can be used as evidence to a crime. There are limits to search warrants – officers are allowed to search only the area explicitly specified in the warrant and cannot seize materials that are not outlined in the warrant. There are times, however, when ...
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  • Understanding Colorado's Expressed Consent Law

    Colorado’s DUI laws include an “expressed consent” law, which means you automatically consent to undergo a chemical test if you’ve been arrested by an officer who has reason to suspect that you’ve been driving under the influence. You must be given the test within two hours of when you last operated a vehicle, and you’ll be given a choice of what type of test you want to take – officers can test ...
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