How to Take Photos After a Car Accident


After being involved or getting injured in a car accident, there are certain steps you need to take in order to protect your legal right to pursue a car accident insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, such as gathering evidence. One of the most important steps of documenting the accident scene is by taking photographs. 

Because our smartphones are now equipped with cameras, taking pictures is easier than ever. Photos of the accident will help you prove your claim with insurance adjusters or can be used as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. 

The following are several tips for taking effective car accident photos: 

  • Take pictures of the damaged vehicles and property – Capture both internal and external damage of all vehicles involved in the collision, as well as other damaged property such as signs, guardrails, trees, buildings, and other fixed objects. 

  • Take pictures of your injuries – Not only must you take photos of the visibly apparent injuries you suffered at the accident scene, but you need to also document the recovery process to demonstrate the severity of each injury. 

  • Take a picture of the entire accident scene – Capture the overall view of the scene from different angles. Make sure to include street signs and traffic signals to pinpoint the exact location of the incident. 

  • Take pictures of road and weather conditions – If the other driver blames the accident on such conditions, take photos of the weather and any roadside debris that may contribute to the accident. 

  • Take pictures of those involved in the accident and their information – Take photos of all the drivers involved, any passengers, law enforcement officials, and witnesses. Also, capture all the license plates of all cars involved and the other drivers’ insurance and personal information. 

  • Take as many photos as possible from different angles – Do not hesitate to use your entire camera roll or data space to take more pictures than you believe you need. Also do not be afraid to take pictures of the same thing at different angles because you may never know what you may have originally missed at the scene. 

Failure to take photos can make it difficult to prove your case. Ultimately, resolving the dispute may involve your word against the other driver’s account. 

If you are unable to take accident photos because of a serious injury, ask another person to take the pictures for you – whether it’s a passenger, a witness, or even police officers. You may also contact a family member to go to the scene of the accident and take pictures for you. 

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