The Dangers of Night-Time Driving


Now that Daylight Saving Time has ended, people find themselves driving in the dark once the clock strikes 4:30 or 5 PM. Unfortunately, night-time driving is considerably more dangerous compared to driving during the day. 

The following are the common dangers associated with driving at night: 

  • Compromised vision – The main reason why driving at night is dangerous is that we can’t see as well in the dark. You only see a few feet of road ahead of you and there less room for you to stop. Additionally, the glare of other vehicles’ headlights can negatively impact your vision. 

  • Rush hour – Since many people leave work during the weekdays between 4 and 7 PM, the roadways are extremely crowded during this timeframe. The addition of driving in the dark during rush hour compounds an already hazardous road condition. 

  • Fatigue – A long day at work can make anyone sleepy. However, driving in the dark can enhance fatigue and cause you to fall asleep behind the wheel, placing yourself and others on the road at risk. 

  • Drunk driving – Drunk drivers are often behind the wheel when it’s night.  Furthermore, compromised vision along with impaired driving is a recipe for disaster. 

To stay safe on the road during the evenings, you must always practice defensive driving and be alert when it comes to other drivers’ behaviors. Reduce your speed to give yourself more space and time to react to unexpected road conditions. Practice patience when driving through traffic. Lastly, get more rest or pull over if you are feeling drowsy to avoid fatigued driving. 

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