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  • Adult Diversion in Denver

    If you’re facing criminal charges, you may want to look into adult diversion, which is a voluntary alternative to a traditional criminal prosecution. Unlike similar diversion programs in other states, defendants are not required to plead guilty to their charges. Instead, the accused is given the opportunity to receive treatment and make financial restitution to any victims of their crimes. Under ...
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  • FAQs About a Colorado DUI

    For the average Denver resident, it can be difficult to fully understand a Colorado DUI. Compared to some states, Colorado does not have loads of easy-to-find information about drunk and drugged driving on the internet. For this reason, I decided to dedicate a post to frequently asked questions about driving under the influence in Colorado. If after reading this list of FAQs, you have further ...
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  • Criminal Offenses & License Suspension in Colorado

    If you’re like most Colorado drivers, you’re well-aware of the fact that your driver’s license can be suspended for drunk driving or getting too many speeding tickets. What you may not realize is that’s only the beginning – there are many other circumstances where a person’s driver’s license can be suspended or revoked in Colorado. As a criminal defense attorney, my clients are faced with license ...
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  • Possible Outcomes of a Criminal Case in Colorado

    If you were recently arrested for a criminal offense in the Greater Denver Area, or if you’re the target of a criminal investigation, you probably have a lot of questions. “What could happen to me if I am formally charged? What are the possible outcomes of a criminal case?” Criminal cases are separated into misdemeanors and felonies, with felonies being the more serious of the two. Since criminal ...
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  • Sexual Assault Charges in Denver

    Are you being accused of sexual assault in Denver or anywhere in Arapahoe County? If so, it’s important that you understand the seriousness of these accusations. Under Section 18-3-402 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, a person commits the offense of sexual assault if he or she “knowingly inflicts sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on a victim” and: The actor caused the victim to submit ...
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  • 5 Facts About Domestic Violence in Colorado

    Are you accused of committing domestic violence in the Greater Denver Area or anywhere else in Colorado? If so, it’s important that you understand what you’re up against, especially if you were arrested by the police who came to your house on a 911 call. To shed light on the subject, I’m going to discuss 5 facts about domestic violence that you should know: 1. Domestic violence isn’t only physical ...
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  • Will My Case Go to Trial?

    If you were recently arrested for a crime in Denver, Greenwood Village, or anywhere in Arapahoe County and your criminal case is progressing through the courts, you’ll probably want to know, “Will my case go to trial?” This is a good question! The answer to this question depends on what you decide to do. Will you plead guilty? Will you try to negotiate a plea bargain? Or, will you fight your ...
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  • Arapahoe County's Recovery Court

    On Friday, Oct. 14, 2011, the 18th Judicial District adopted a drug court program that served the citizens of Arapahoe and Douglas counties. The program was named, “Recovery Court.” Here is what Arapahoe County Magistrate Bonnie McLean had to say about the program, “As a group, we are keenly aware of the enormous toll, both financial and otherwise, that substance abuse takes on the criminal ...
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  • Probation in Arapahoe County

    Were you recently arrested for a crime in Arapahoe County? If so, you probably have a lot of questions, especially about probation. Will you go to jail? Can you get probation instead of jail time? How do people criminal defendants get probation? What happens if you violate a term or conditions of your probation, will you go to jail? Continue reading as I explain probation in further detail and the ...
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  • Effects of a Denver Restraining Order

    Has someone taken out a restraining order against you in the Greater Denver Area for domestic violence ? If so, it’s important that you know that the restraining order is not only enforceable statewide, but nationwide. Obtaining a restraining order in Colorado is a two-step process: 1) the alleged victim must obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO), which lasts 14 days, and 2) the victim must ...
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  • Denver Bench Warrants

    Are you concerned there may be a bench warrant for your arrest in the Greater Denver Area? If so, do you know the difference between a traditional arrest warrant and a bench warrant? Since a lot of people don’t fully understand bench warrants and why they’re issued, I’m going to shed light on the matter. A bench warrant is a type of arrest warrant that is issued by a judge and usually after a ...
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  • Can a DUI Affect My Job?

    If you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in the Denver area, you’re probably concerned about how a DUI conviction would affect your current job and future employment opportunities – this is a valid concern indeed. You may even be wondering, “Can my employer fire me if I’m found guilty of DUI?” For starters, a first-time DUI in Colorado is punishable by five days to one year in ...
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  • Four Common Holiday Crimes

    While the holidays may bring joy and cheer to many people, they also mean increased workloads for law enforcement, as a number of crimes see an uptick in occurrences during this season. In this blog, we take a look at four of the most commonly-occurring holiday crimes and what law enforcement will have their eyes out for over the next month or so. Shoplifting Retail stores of all sizes will ...
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  • The Legal Difference Between Murder and Homicide

    We frequently hear the terms “homicide” and “murder” used interchangeably, particularly by reporters on our evening news. However, what these journalists most likely don’t realize is that there is a very important and distinct difference between the two when it comes to law. This difference can have a significant impact on your case, so it’s important to take a look and learn about these terms in ...
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  • Common Television Crime Show Myths

    Do you watch crime shows on television? While they make for highly-entertaining stories, crime shows have also spread a lot of misinformation regarding how the criminal justice system actually works. This makes those who have been arrested for crimes unaware of important things which can lead to a lot of confusion. Let’s examine three common myths and set the record straight. You Get One Phone ...
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  • What's The Difference Between Assault and Battery?

    While many people are quick to stick the two together, assault and battery are two different crimes and can result in different penalties. It’s common, however, for prosecutors to charge individuals with both offenses, but they may only be pursuing the conviction of one. In this blog, our Denver criminal defense attorney explains the difference between assault and battery. Assault Under Colorado ...
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  • The Truth About Your Miranda Rights

    Chances are, on some level, you are somewhat familiar with the Miranda rights (or the Miranda warning, as they are sometimes called). Even children who watch movies and television can probably recite at least part of these rights that are announced every time a criminal arrest is made my police officers. However, as ubiquitous as the Miranda rights have become in our culture, misconceptions about ...
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