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Blog Posts in 2019

  • Child Support for Incarcerated Parents in Colorado

    As a rule, it is very difficult for a noncustodial parent to get out of paying child support. Usually, the only way that a noncustodial parent doesn’t have to pay child support for their child is if he or she is adopted by a stepparent or someone else, or if the noncustodial parent has had their parental rights terminated for some reason. Life challenges like a sudden job loss, a disability, a ...
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  • Bail Reform in Colorado

    Many criminal defense attorneys and criminal justice experts agree that pretrial detention leads to a host of negative consequences for defendants, such as lost jobs, lost housing, divorces, damage to parent-child relationships, and much more. Evidence has shown that those defendants who languish in jail awaiting their trial: Plead guilty more often, Face more prison sentences, and Receive harsher ...
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  • Marijuana DUI in Denver

    You may not know it but under federal law, it’s illegal for people to possess or use marijuana. But in January of 2014, that all changed for the State of Colorado. At the beginning of 2014, Colorado made sweeping changes to its marijuana laws when it legalized recreational use of marijuana for individuals age 21 and older. What You Need to Know About the Law You must be 21 to buy or use marijuana. ...
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