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18-18-405. Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, sale, or possession – repeal.

(1) (a) Except as authorized by part 3 of article 22 of title 12, C.R.S., or by part 2 or 3 of this article, it is unlawful for any person knowingly to manufacture, dispense, sell, distribute, possess, or to possess with intent to manufacture, dispense, sell, or distribute a controlled substance; or induce, attempt to induce, or conspire with one or more other persons, to manufacture, dispense, sell, distribute, possess, or possess with intent to manufacture, dispense, sell, or distribute a controlled substance; or possess one or more chemicals or supplies or equipment with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.
(b) As used in this subsection (1), “dispense” does not include labeling, as defined in section 12-22-102 (16), C.R.S.

18-18-404. Unlawful use of a controlled substance – repeal.

(1) (a) Except as is otherwise provided for offenses concerning marihuana and marihuana concentrate in sections 18-18-406 and 18-18-406.5, any person who uses any controlled substance, except when it is dispensed by or under the direction of a person licensed or authorized by law to prescribe, administer, or dispense such controlled substance for bona fide medical needs, commits:
(I) A class 6 felony, if the controlled substance is listed in schedule I or II of part 2 of this article;
(II) A class 1 misdemeanor, if the controlled substance is listed in schedule III, IV, or V of part 2 of this article.

18-18-406. Offenses relating to marihuana and marihuana concentrate.

(1) Any person who possesses not more than one ounce of marihuana commits a class 2 petty offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.

18-18-412.7. Sale or distribution of materials to manufacture controlled substances.

(1) A person who sells or distributes chemicals, supplies, or equipment, and who knows or reasonably should know or believes that a person intends to use the chemicals, supplies, or equipment to illegally manufacture a controlled substance violates this section.

18-18-413. Authorized possession of controlled substances.

A person to whom or for whose use any controlled substance has been prescribed or dispensed by a practitioner may lawfully possess it, but only in the container in which it was delivered to him unless he is able to show that he is the legal owner or a person acting at the direction of the legal owner of the controlled substance. Any person convicted of violating this section commits a class 1 petty offense.

18-18-415. Fraud and deceit.

(1) (a) No person shall obtain a controlled substance or procure the administration of a controlled substance by fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, or subterfuge; or by the forgery or alteration of an order; or by the concealment of a material fact; or by the use of a false name or the giving of a false address.
(b) Information communicated to a practitioner in an effort to procure a controlled substance other than for legitimate treatment purposes or unlawfully to procure the administration of any such controlled substance shall not be deemed a privileged communication.
(c) No person shall willfully make a false statement in any order, report, or record required by this article.
(d) No person, for the purpose of obtaining a controlled substance, shall falsely assume the title of, or represent himself to be, a manufacturer, distributor, practitioner, or other person authorized by law to obtain a controlled substance.
(e) No person shall make or utter any false or forged order.
(f) No person shall affix any false or forged label to a package or receptacle containing a controlled substance.

18-18-416. Controlled substances – inducing consumption by fraudulent means.

(1) It is unlawful for any person, surreptitiously or by means of fraud, misrepresentation, suppression of truth, deception, or subterfuge, to cause any other person to unknowingly consume or receive the direct administration of any controlled substance, as defined in section 18-18-102 (5); except that nothing in this section shall diminish the scope of health care authorized by law.

18-18-428. Possession of drug paraphernalia – penalty.

(1) A person commits possession of drug paraphernalia if he possesses drug paraphernalia and knows or reasonably should know that the drug paraphernalia could be used under circumstances in violation of the laws of this state.

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