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Arapahoe County Battery Defense Lawyer

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Being accused of a serious crime can be devastating for you and your family, regardless of the circumstances. After you have been charged with or arrested for battery, it is important that you consult with a skilled Arapahoe County criminal defense lawyer. When you choose the Law Office of Joseph A. Lazzara, P.C., you can trust that I work diligently to achieve a successful outcome and avoid a conviction. I understand the way that cases involving battery are handled and can build a strong defense strategy on your behalf. Whether you are facing your first or your third criminal charge, call on me.

What Type of Charges Are You Up Against?

The following are the types of battery you could be charged with:

  • Simple battery

  • Aggravated battery

  • Felony battery

Simple battery is a much lighter charge than felony battery, but regardless, you still need a tough advocate on your side. I have an impressive successful track record, having been in practice for more than 20 years and having handled many criminal cases. If you would like the support of an established and dedicated Denver criminal defense lawyer who is prepared to work to help you understand your case, you have come to the right firm. Throughout the time I have been in practice, I have maintained stellar relationships in the community, including with local law enforcement. You can rely on me to work hard on your behalf should you choose to hire my firm.

Understanding Battery & the Associated Penalties

A charge involving any type of violent crime could lead to very serious and lasting consequences. If you have been charged with battery, it is important to understand the type of battery you are being accused of and the various penalties that are associated with the charges. There may be additional factors considered, such as if the battery was allegedly committed against a member of law enforcement, a child, or an elderly individual.

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Meet Attorney Lazzara

Joseph Lazzara has more than 20 years of legal experience. He is recognized as one of Colorado's leading DUI lawyers, known primarily for his proven track record defending DUIs and the personalized approach he takes to working with his clients. He is one of only a few lawyers in the state who is certified in Colorado standardized field sobriety testing, and has also completed the same training course administered nationwide to police.

Why Hire My Firm?

  • More than 20 years of legal experience
  • Proven record defending DUIs and criminal offenses
  • Certified in Colorado Standardized Field Sobriety Tests
  • Undergone same training as police officers nationwide
  • Thousands of DUI cases and hundreds of trials handled
  • Affordable counsel without compromise on results