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Penalties for a First Colorado DUI

Penalties for a First Colorado DUI

If you were recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol in Denver, or anywhere else in Colorado, you probably have a lot of questions. Will your driver’s license be suspended? Will you have to go to jail? How much will the fines be? How long will the DUI be reported on your criminal record? In order to shed light on the penalties for DUI, I’m going to describe them below.

In Colorado, like other states, it is illegal for someone to drive a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or to the extent that his or her ability to drive is impaired because of alcohol or drugs. These are known as DUI and DWAI.

To “drive under the influence” means someone has driven after consuming alcohol or drugs, or both, and their ability to safely operate a vehicle is impaired. To “drive while ability impaired” is similar to DUI; however, the individual is slightly affected by alcohol and he or she is less capable of driving than they would have been if they had not consumed alcohol or taken drugs.

  • With a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05% but less than 0.08%, it is possible that a person’s ability to drive was impaired by alcohol, and it can result in a DWAI.
  • With a BAC of 0.08% or more, the law considers the driver to be “under the influence of alcohol.”
  • With a BAC of 0.15% or more, the defendant may be considered a “persistent drunk driver,” and therefore, he or she may face stiffer penalties.

What Are the Penalties?

The penalties for first, second, and third DUI are different, but for the purposes of this post I am going to discuss the penalties for a simple, first-time DUI with a BAC of .08% or higher.

First DUI in Colorado:

  • Misdemeanor conviction
  • 5 days to 1 year in jail
  • Up to a $1,000 fine
  • Up to $500 in court costs and surcharges
  • Driver’s license suspension for 3 months
  • 12 points on your driving record

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